The SittingTaller Handbag

Carry Your Height in Your Handbag

The SittingTaller Handbag, experience the thrill of sitting tall, without lugging a booster seat.

Are you petite? Do you sit short? Are you frustrated when you sit?

Here's the solution, an elegant adult booster seat in a handbag.

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The SittingTaller Handbag is an elegant faux* leather totebag with a furniture grade, extra firm, removable pad.


Your choice of a 3" or 4" boost.

  • 3 inch lift $139
  • 4 inch lift $149

With it's unique "petite seat lift" it will give you a 3 or 4 inch seated lift .
The removeable "Petite Seat Lift" is furniture grade foam wrapped in dacron and cotton.


*faux is the French word for fake. This is NOT a leather bag. It looks like leather but it is not.


  • Dangling feet? No problem, just add the Foldable portable footrest 4' H x 8" W x 4" D for $25
  • Carrying your wallet, keys, glasses, tickets? Add the slender yet roomy clutch to slide in for $34

And if you go out on errands and don't need a booster simply remove the "petite seat lift" and convert your SittingTaller Handbag to a tote with a snap in zippered centered compartment.

Click HERE to purchase the SittingTaller Handbag with a 3" lift and any add ons.

Click HERE to purchase the SittingTaller Handbag with a 4" lift and any add ons.