The SittingTaller Handbag

Carry Your Height in Your Handbag

The SittingTaller Handbag, experience the thrill of sitting tall, without lugging a booster seat.

Are you petite? Do you sit short? Are you frustrated when you sit?

Here's the solution, an elegant adult booster seat in a handbag.

So versatile, you can use it anywhere,you want to sit taller!
Concerts, theaters, movies and restaurants.

Click HERE to purchase the SittingTaller Handbag with a 3" lift and any add ons.

Click HERE to purchase the SittingTaller Handbag with a 4" lift and any add ons.

The Musician

Thank you Pam.  I needed the "boost"  to play my bass clarinet.  At a little over 5'2",  my low C extension bass clarinet has always been too high for me to reach when sitting.  For years I have been using a collapsable stool , which after many hours,  is horrible on the back.   This is fabulous:)

Doris J. Hall-Gulati, Principal Clarinet,Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and Bass Clarinetist,  Opera Philadelphia


"I've used the wonderful hidden booster seat several times and am really thrilled! It's amazingly comfortable and truly does the job. I feel I've made a great investment. I hope you're selling lots of them!" (Linda )

Tall but short waisted

I am a real fan and satisfied buyer of your Sitting Tall Signature Bag (deep red). The style, workmanship and functionality are all great. I have recommended it to a number of friends.
By the way, you may be interested to know that, while I have been tall all my life, I have always been short-waisted. In addition, with age, I have more recently lost inches in my spine/upper body. This makes sitting at tables, in theaters etc. uncomfortable and awkward, even though standing up I am still 5'8" tall. Your product solves the issue. Just thought this may be a new category of customers for you to target: the tall-but-upper-body-challenged! (Helen)


Mother's Day

"Just wanted to let you know what a huge success your SittingTaller Handbag was for Mother's Day. I got this bag for my 92 year old mother. She loves it! Now she can sit in a restaurant without feeling like a child. Thanks again for a much needed and great product." (DiAnne)


"OMG, I want one! When I think of the frustration at shows etc I could scream. But I know you understand" (Lucy)

Just so you know, this present was the biggest hit at Hanukkah. You made a 96 year old lady who still loves the Philharmonic and theatre very, very happy!"( Stacey )

The Theater

I'm an avid theatergoer and was getting to the point of never going back. I just couldn't see the stage anymore. You've given me my joy back. Thank you for this amazing "invention". (Sirena)


 I'm going to shower my family with hugs and kisses for buying me this SittingTaller bag. I use it in the theater so I can finally see the stage. And in restaurants so I'm eye to eye with my friends."( Melinda)


Restaurants and Cars

"I love the whole thing! …My husband is very happy every time I go out to dinner with it. Thank you and I think it's a GREAT idea." (Joyce)


My mother-in-law LOVES her sitting taller pillow!  Her first reaction was, "well, I have two sleeping pillows on my car seat, so..."  But after she got this in, it gave her -- literally and figuratively -- a whole new perspective!!!  She's very excited by it and has told us on at least three different phone calls how much she's loving it.  So, thank you VERY much on behalf of her, us, and all the drivers and pedestrians in Atlanta who are now a bit safer as she can see. (Jane)

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