The SittingTaller Handbag

Carry Your Height in Your Handbag

The SittingTaller Handbag, experience the thrill of sitting tall, without lugging a booster seat.

Are you petite? Do you sit short? Are you frustrated when you sit?

Here's the solution, an elegant adult booster seat in a handbag.

SittingTaller Handbags was born out of frustration.

I'm 4' 11" and I was tired of watching the back of the head of the person sitting in front of me every time I went to the movies or the theater. I love seeing live dance but I hated not being about to see the entire stage. If I was with a person who was taller than me I'd always make them switch seats with me, and then I'd complain anyway.

I was a total kill joy.

If we went out to eat I always looked like a child at the table. In fact once I went out with a group of friends to a club and while we were sitting at the table the hostess came up behind me, put her hands on my shoulders and said to the entire table, "I'm sorry but since we're a bar we can't serve children, you'll have to leave." Boy were we both embarrassed when she discovered that I was an adult.

One day I realized that I could be in control, and so I made many prototypes of a booster seat for an adult. The first few versions were foam pads on a string (totally goofy looking). Then I created a fabric bag with a foam pad inside. I was getting closer but it was still not quite right. That's when I realized that a faux leather bag with dimensions that filled a theater seat and was butt sized without being too large would allow me to carry my seat just like a tote bag. No one would have to know that I was carrying an adult booster seat, they'd just think it was my awesome handbag! In all the years I've been using it not one person has noticed that I'm sitting on it.

It was such a hit that I had a front page story in the Style section of the Westchester Journal News devoted to me and my bags and the New York Times Business Section!